CPR Intense Cream

CPR Intense Cream

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Roccoco clinic exclusive!

Intense CPR is designed for eczema and chronically barrier impaired skin.

It is more anti-inflammatory than CPR Cream.

It can be used as a booster treatment at the time of a flare up to instantly calm the skin and then the CPR Cream can be used as a maintenance in between.

Intense CPR is like Rescue Balm on steroids! Instantly calming and reducing redness in the skin.. reducing the itch in a reaction or an irritated skin within 5 minutes and it has a 'no sting' formula making it perfect for children with severely barrier impaired skin.

Great for inspect bites.

While Intense CPR is not acne safe, it is more powerful than Rescue Balm.

Intense CPR will not fix Rosacea but can assist with the flare ups.

 PRO TIP- you should just have a jar of this on hand. Incredibly calming and soothing for irritated skin, and its safe for kids.

Key active ingredients;

Sunflower Oil - High in Linoleic acid. Skin compatible oil for barrier repair, reducing inflammation.

Perilla Extract - antihistamine properties. Licorice Extract - highly antiinflammatory

Full ingredient list available in clinic