Agave Dew Serum

Agave Dew Serum

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Roccoco clinic exclusive!

This serum is designed to instantly smooth lines and wrinkles, firm and smooth the skin and protect it from pollution.

It reduces puffiness and can also reduce the redness caused by broken capillaries and strengthen them.

Ok... have you seen this product in action for yourself?! We've all seen those instant face freezing products on the TV infomercials... well this is designed to perform the same action however you can wear make up over the top without caking and it will not leave a film on the skin which cracks over the day.

This product will create the perfect prime foundation for your make up and the results will build in the skin and will be retained over time.

Agave Dew contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients along with pre and post biotics.

It will help to improve hydration and also the health of collagen and elastin.


Key active ingredients;

Bacillus Ferment - reinforces skin cohesion. Increases ATP production in ,reducing blood capillaries permeability. Anti-inflammatory.

Full ingredient list available in clinic