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Pepti-Correct HP Brightening Peptide

Pepti-Correct HP Brightening Peptide

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Targeting hyper-pigmentation at its core, PEPTI-correct Hp can address pigmentation caused by sun damage, photo-aging, melasma, or post acne.

The active and key ingredients of Oligopeptide-Hp combined with unique chelators and anti-oxidants provide a powerful tool to reduce the appearance of skin discolorations without using harsh surface bleaching agents that cause skin inflammation.

After approximately 6 weeks of use, the appearance of skin discolorations and dark spots begin to diminish beginning at its core and progressing to the edges with continual fading over time.

Recommended home regimen:

After Cleansing, apply a small amount of Serum to dry face and neck till absorbed, avoiding eye contact. Use in combination with other treatment products or move to the Moisturizing phase of your regimen. Use Morning and Evening for best results.


Morning Evening


KEY INGREDIENT FUNCTION Oligo Peptide Correct Hp Targets melanin production Citric Acid Chelating agent, Anti-oxidant EDTA Chelating agent Azelaic, Benzoic, and Succinic Acids Chelating agent SKIN INDICATIONS Sun Damage Hyper-pigmentation Lost Elasticity Uneven skin tone Melasma Post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation Facial melanoses Postacne pigmentation Photo-aging

Full ingredient list available in clinic